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sensors for soil moisture

wireless, passive, low cost



The AquaTag is the only wireless, battery-free and affordable soil moisture sensor in the world.


The AquaTag provides an easy and low cost way to assess the available water for a large number of plants in settings as varied as greenhouses, outdoor fields or office buildings and to customize their irrigation.


It can easily be calibrated for almost any soil or substrate.


The system consists of a handheld reader, and a sensor. The sensor is inserted in the soil near the roots of the plant and left there. The moisture can be read out with a push of the button on the reader. Data are stored and can later be analysed on a computer (USB connection).



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Download info:

Aquatag Pro soil moisture and ec sensors (pdf English)

Toprak nemi için AquaTag sensörleri (pdf Turkish)

AquaTag sensors for soil moisture (pdf UK)

Easily determine moisture levels in soil. In "Hortibiz" aug 2013 (pdf UK)

Algemene informatie Sensortag meetsysteem (pdf NL)

Vochtsensor biedt eenvoud. In "GTT" uitgelicht aug 2013 (pdf NL)





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